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Knitted Heating Fabric

CoTexx Knitting Heating Fabric Brochure


  • knitted fabric made of litz wire
  • individually enamelled copper strands
  • enamelled wires as in electromagnetic coils
  • no electrical contacts on mechanical contact points
  • parallel switching of 120 equal heating resistors
  • litz wire is state of the art for seat heaters in cars

Benefits at a Glance

  • hot spots are physically impossible
    • through parallel connection
    • heating power decreases only slightly in case of failure of a strand (120 heating resistors)
  • at any location in the knitted fabric, the heating power is the same
    • drawing of wire ensures constant strand cross-sections
    • constant specific resistance
    • narrow tolerances of the strand cross-sections among each other
  • stable regulating circuit for the temperature control
    • due to PTC characteristic of copper
  • gentle transfer of large heating capacities
    • due to the large specific surface area
    • wire surface increases quadratically with decreasing diameter
    • diameter of the individual strands 50 microns
  • simple and reliable design by
    • clearly defined physical parameters
    • narrow tolerances of the raw materials
  • simple and fast processing
    • easy contacting by soldering
    • excellent drapeability
    • handling like reinforcing textiles
  • existing power sources and controllers can be used further

  • suitable for both very low voltage and mains voltage

  • low investment costs / economic processing
CoTexx ISO 9001-2015 zertifiziert
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